by The Diamond Light

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released July 1, 2011

Performed by The Diamond Light
Engineered by Julian Higerada @ Swinghouse Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Niko Bolas @ Capitol Mastering



all rights reserved


The Diamond Light Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Amen
Old black runner in the dead of the night,
she's come around all this way.
Old black runner from the northern light,
she's coming around here to stay.

I'm packed and I'm going home.
To the place where the trees have curled their toes.
On the back of a runner who's rode and seen it all.

We're listening to the wind.
We clear the grass as the clouds roll in.
Why must we shrug and cry
when the choir sings, "Amen"?

Amen's all we see.
Track Name: Needing Me Now
How do I start, when will this end?
It's raining outside and you've got your revenge.
Take it all home, fill all the holes.
You're needing me now, but that's the end.

Black cloud in the sky, cold feet in the dirt.
You're wearing a smile, but you're hurt.
Through all this destruction, through all this pain,
you're needing me now but I'm away.

Two knocks on the door, three men on your floor.
You're hands are not clean, they are red.
No kick or no scream, could stop this disease.
You're needing me now, but I am dead.