Seeds In the Street

by The Diamond Light

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released November 5, 2010



all rights reserved


The Diamond Light Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Oh Yeah Ono
I was drunk and I thought to myself,
that I could shake the world and win my money back, oh yeah.
Then I split my tooth on a bar-stool,
its funny how long it takes to grow your teeth back, oh yeah.
I was asleep when the call came through,
but I already planted all the seeds in the street, oh yeah.
I splashed some water on my dirty face,
I had broke all the rules I made, oh yeah.

I stomped my foot on the floor,
I killed her like a I did before.

She was made of paper, had to take her to the general store.
She set fire to all the clothes that I wore, oh yeah.
She had eyes in the back of her head,
she had swallowed all the words I said, oh yeah.
"No it's time to draw the line and take your jacket off,"
she said, "hang it up, start it over again, oh yeah."

I was hiding in the closet, I forgot that
I had hid the money in a different room, oh no!
Oh yeah.
Track Name: Cold Moon
It was the straw that broke the camels back.
I saw the murder in the shot-gun shack.
She never loved me.
Now I've got to leave this town with the cold moon above me.
I'm not going no where, there's no where to go.

It is the book that makes the black heart high.
It's the book that makes the prophet cry.
I saw her standing in the new sunset.
I started praying so I'd never forget that
I'm not going no where, there's no where to go.
Track Name: Thunderhorse
I can't talk about all the rest but I can say today
we'll be better dressed than tomorrow, than today.
I can't speak for all the rest, cause it was speak that got us
into this mess in the first place, on the first day.

And if it serves to quell your thirst, or anything in between.
but your momma keeps crying and looking for an answer
one foot on the balance beam.

In the land of the rising sun, we had our boots tied on.
When we arrived it'd begun, we weren't the only ones.
I fall like a child in the middle of the night
but you could pick me back up in the blink of an eye
like you used to, but you refuse to.

In the land of the popping trees,
The snow rest on the leaves.
Where men find women deceived,
And It's better to give than recieve.

In the land of the changing seas,
The children fast for weeks.
And run mad all over the place,
Now they can finally eat.
Track Name: Jungle
I'm always wet before I get my hair cold.
I might look old, but I'm not the one that said so.
Son, it's cold I suggest you run home.
'Cause it's a shame to see the weight of your own load.

I chase each drink as if I'm on the free road.
I bought a hammer just to see where it would go.
I come up dry without a shelter or a home.
But that's the toll I get for paying off the devil.

The horse I rode has traveled home,
and all the cold and frozen passengers
will be relieved to see me deceased.
When I awoke, I told the others
of all the roads and boats I traveled on.
Still, I could see, they don't believe.
So I screamed holes in my throat from suffering.
They drew a rope, I spoke in tongues for them.
Stil, they said, "you must lay dead."

I hold my breath to show myself just what it's like.
I clinch my fist until each wrist will hold you tight.
Unlike the dogs who can't run far without permission.
Unlock the gate and free this slave from your submission.

Are you so cold you left your mind at home?
Track Name: Guilty Brother
My guilty brother has seen,
that the judge ain't different from me.
In the courthouse, in the bedroom,
in my head I hear everything.

As the children sing in their sleep,
and the trees are springing from seeds,
we ask ourselves why the sky is painted blue
and always falling on me.
Why we can't always catch the thieves
they're destroying me.
Why the poles have to shift,
why this dirt won't become the sea.

My guilty mother can sleep
now that her kids have openly seen,
that even leaders of the tribe can push their men
to view their hanging trees.
And that the nooses can't be broken
'cause they have to die for people to see,
that everyone that lives and breathes
can be brought to their knees.
Track Name: Dusty Walls
I've woken up but no one can tell,
you know I've been a prisoner as well.
But I'm looking for something else,
I'm told that I can find it on the dusty walls of this hotel.

You're hiding and you can't find your way.
You're resting but there's no where to lay.
You're looking for something else,
it's hard to be forgotten when you're hanging
on the words that I tell.

We're running with the dogs of hell,
you know we've got a story to tell.
We've kicked off the dirt
from our two black shoes,
and we've payed off the warden for getting us through.
We're looking for something else.
I'm trying to find a meaning
for the reason that we can't be found.